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Founded in 1984, the Mutual Assistance Association For Ethiopian Community (MAAEC) in Dallas and Fort Worth, is a 501C(3) non-profit organization under the laws of Texas. The Association serves all persons of Ethiopian origin without any discrimination based on their ethnicity, gender, political and religious beliefs. The Association’s mission is to facilitate and provide seamless services to those who need help by spearheading and managing programs that integrate Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans who reside in the DFW. The Association aims to foster social, cultural and civic life integration to preserve and share their unique and rich cultural heritage by activity involving all members of the community with mutual respect for each other.


The MAAEC is composed of the General Assembly, a Board of Trustees (BOT), an Executive Committee, and a special funeral assistance unit called Ethiopian Community EDIR (ECE) for registered participants. Only the General Assembly of ECE participants is authorized to deal with matters related to the EDIR.


General Assembly


The General Assembly is the highest echelon in the Association under which the MAAEC BOT is structured to oversee the overall well-being and functions of the Association. The BOT, the External Auditor and the Election Committee report directly to the GA. The General Assembly is composed of all members of the Association as stipulated in the MAAEC By-Law.


Board of Trustee


Mr. Teferawork Assefa- Chairman
Mr. Yilma Zerihun- Secretary
Ms. Berhan Dagnachew
Mr. Gizaw Wako
Mr. Abdulsalam Hasen 


Executive Committee


Mr. Mac Mekonnen- Executive Director
Mr. Mulugeta Beyne- Secretary
Mr. Endalkachew Misikir- Treasurer
Mr. Efrem Bekena- Accountant
Mr. Tesfaye Ayle- Internal Auditor
Mrs. Etareraw Yilma- Public Relations Director
Mr. Mekuria Fantahun- Social Affair Director
Ms. Tideg Bonsa- Youth Affair Director
Mr. Getnet Dejene- Program and Svc Director
Ms. Tewabech Taddesse- Women’s Affair Director


EDIR Supervisory Council


Mr. Ababu Bekele- Chairman
Mr. Berhanemarkos Tadesse- Secretary
Mr. Kedir Said- Member
Mrs. Mesrak Tassew- Member
Mr. Yasin Ali- Member


Executive Committee of EDIR


Mr. Fasil Yigzaw – Chairman
Ms. Aster Teferra – Vice Chairman
Mr. Abiy Zenebe – Secretary
Mr. Getachew Lema – Auditor
Mr. Berhanu Ashenafi – Accountant
Mrs. Ruth Dimaria – Treasurer
Ms. Rahel Tesfaye – Member


Community Center Committee


Mr. Seifu Yigezu
Mr. Betru Gebregziabher
Mrs. Ruth Dimaria
Mr. Habte Retta
Mr. Henok Assefa
Mr. Daniel Gizaw
Mr. Negussie Kefyallew




All persons of Ethiopian heritage who reside in DFW and who agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association can be members of the MAAEC.


Membership Dues


Voting members shall pay a membership fee of $60.00 per year. This amount will be discounted to $40.00 per year if the member chooses to be an EDIR participant as well.


Responsibilities of Members


Members are individually and jointly required and expected to participate and contribute as much as possible to build the community.


Members are:


Obligated to pay membership fees on time.
bligated and required to attend meetings whenever called upon, share their views and exercise their voting rights
required to abide by the MAAEC By-laws and official guidelines at all times
required to respect democratically elected leaders and are expected to serve as volunteers when necessary




• Maaec, Inc. works closely with the Ethiopian Health Professional Association (EHPA), the Ethiopian American Chamber of Commerce, and the Gift of Sight Alliance (Eye Bank of Ethiopia).


Current Activities


• Immigration case assistance.
• Employment and health care referrals.
• Web site and Ethiopian Radio Programs.
• Various fund raising activities.
• Promoting the Ethiopian Community.
• Continued growth of the EDIR.
• Annual “Ethiopian Day” festival.
• Involvement during Emergencies and crises.


Planned Activities


• Building a Community Cultural Center.
• Financial Assistance Program for members and non-members.
• Organizing a Media, Youth and Women Committees.
• Award for Excellence.


Inspired to Build Maaec, Inc?


Here is How:
• Become a fully committed MAAEC, Inc. member and participate in the Ethiopian Community EDIR.
• Volunteer in various community activities.
• Make donations.
• Advertise with us.


Inspired to Build!

Mutual Assistance Association for the Ethiopian Community

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