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We, the Ethiopian Community Center Committee cordially invite all people of Ethiopian descent and their friends to join us in our efforts to build an Ethiopian community center. We want to encourage and inspire our diverse people to strive for living in unity, compassion and peace.

Come as you are, regardless of your religion, age, gender, creed, occupation, ability or disability and make it a growing place for all. A place where we can support and strengthen one another in the promotion of personal growth, financial stability, education, advocacy, employment, healthcare and community outreach programs.

Please join us in securing a better future for our community by building a community center to foster community solutions for community needs.

Ethiopian Community Center Committee.




MAAEC and its social service support to the community:
  • Trafficking, Immigration

  • Health Services

  • Ethiopian Day

  • Edir

Idea of Community Center floated earlier, but in September 2009 MAAEC formed a team and announced its objectives to build a Community Service Center.
  • The MAAEC was reorganized; and it adopted a new and singular focus on the building of the Community Service Center.

  • Accordingly, it reorganized the Ethiopian Community Center Committee (CCC) with new membership and new mandate.

CCC Progress update so far:

–Contacted Ethiopian Community Centers in Chicago, Virginia and Houston.

–Learned from their experiences

  • Openly shared their experiences with us.

  • Start small and grow

  • Need for organization and structure

  • Focus on immigration

CCC Progress update so far:

–Developed a resolution to ensure that funds raised for the building will be used only for the building and for no other purpose.

–This resolution was approved by the MAAEC Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee and endorsed by the General Assembly

CCC Progress update Continued:

–Allocated duties to Committee members


–Ato Seifu Yigezu- Chairman

–Ato Betru Gebregziabher -Vice Chairman

–W/o Nasra Omar- Secretary

–W/o Ayal Kassa- Accoutant

–Ato Habte Retta- Treasurer

–Ato Henok Assefa- Public Relations

–Ato Fasil Kagnew- Technical Committee

–Ato Getachew Tirfe- Community Fundraising

–Ato Elyas Gebre Selassie- Community Fundraising

–Ato Daniel Gizaw- Technical Committee

–Ato Ameha Gebre Amanuel- Exec. Committee Liaison.

–Developed a plan for internal community fundraising under the Leadership of Ato Betru:

  • Actively involve Community Leaders

  • Form representatives in each community group

  • Form task forces that would assist with fundraising in a coordinated manner.

  • Involves naming rights, fund raising events, fund raising activities raffles, tombola etc.

  • Introduce extended payment plan

–Developed a plan for external fundraising under the leadership of Ato Seifu

  • Involves solicitations with corporations, foundations, governmental entities including city, state and federal sources.

  • All Ethiopians will be involved with efforts to connect the CCC with their place of work or other contacts.

While the CCC will conduct exploratory contacts, we know that the External Fundraising depends on the success of the Internal Fundraising.

CCC Progress update Continued:

–Developed policies and procedures for the accounting process under the leadership of W/o Ayal Kassa

  • Accuracy

  • Transparency

  • Control system

  • Handled by a professional CCC member.

–Developed a communications plan under the leadership of Ato Henok:

  • Involves radio, print, Tikuret magazine and web address

  • Other community members including youth

Continuous effort to put the CCC in the minds of all community members

–Developed a plan for the fund collection structure

  • A separate Ethiopian Community Center account was opened.

  • The signatories to this account will be the Executive Director of the MAAEC, the Chairman of the BOT and the Chairman of the CCC.

  • All donations will be made to the Ethiopian Community Center account.

  • No withdrawals will be made from this account except for the express purpose of the purchase or building of the Ethiopian Community Center.

  • All fund raising expenditures will be made from the MAAEC account.

The CCC took time to do all this before starting the fund raising process:
  • To establish a secure and transparent system for the fund raising

  • To avoid confusion and mismanagement of funds.

To build trust in the eye of the funding community- our own and external.

CCC Progress update Continued:

–Formed a Technical Advisory sub-committee

Coordinated by Ato Fasil Kagnew with the following members:

  • Abinet- Professional Engineer

  • Million – Professional Engineer

  • Tegene- Professional Architect

  • Fikru Tadesse- Realtor

  • Bizuayehu Getachew- Real Estate Investor

Developed the following for the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Location in close proximity to Ethiopian communities.

  • Multi-purpose hall- capacity 1000 with commercial kitchen

  • 11 multi purpose rooms for services

  • 20 rooms for rent by businesses

  • Sports facility

–Indoor basketball etc. , weight room

–Outdoor- soccer, track and field

Media center, computer room, Library, museum….

Also asked the Technical Advisory to consider the following options:

– Building from ground up

– Renovating an existing building

– Vacant land with small building for the short term

Accordingly they gave us a very preliminary estimate:
  • Existing Building

–Purchase $2.1 million

–Improvement costs- $900,000

  • Total $3 million

  • Build New

–Land cost $ 1.8 million

–Cost of building $ 2.2 million

  • Total $ 4 Million

  • Land Donation $0

Building $2.5 million

Services to be provided:
  • New comer services

  • Children and Youth Services

  • Employment Services

  • Health Services

  • Senior Services

  • Social and economic support svc

  • Cultural promotion

  • Funeral services

  • Networking

  • Small business services

With your support and collaboration we are now ready to launch the campaign.
What we need from you is:

To be our ambassadors

–Embrace the Ethiopian Community Center project

–Support our fundraising efforts.

How would you do that?

–Pledge personal support. You are more effective as leaders if you show your commitment by your actions.

–Delegate a reliable representative from each of your organizations to coordinate the fundraising effort by working closely with the CCC.

–This person will in turn form a task force to help with the fund raising activities, that you and the CCC will oversee.

–Give us your ideas and suggestions at all times

We have very strong foundational elements in place: 

1. We have very strong and unified Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Edir, and CCC.

2. All give the Community Center Project top priority

3. We have you, our community leaders and 40,000 dedicated and generous Ethiopians who will support this project.


Time for action:

1. Tomorrow we will go over the radio and launch the plan

2. Seek pledges from every Ethiopian in DFW through our representatives

3.  The collection will be done based on ability:

  1. Pay immediately

  2. Pay in installments

4. The Tech Advisory will finalize the plan

5. Location will be explored through city and other sources

6. Financial statement will be online for all to see and monitor

7. Communications team will continuously air progress and urge community to give and support.:

Exploratory efforts will be made with external funders

We are ready and committed but we need your support to make this happen.

We will take donations at all levels.
Some scenarios:

1.1000 Ethiopians to donate $1,000

each = $1,000,000

2.2000 Ethiopians to donate $500

each= $1,000,000

3.Other contributors to donate= $1,000,000

Events, activities $200,000
External $1,000,000
Total estimate = $4.2 million

The reason we invited you is not just to listen and leave. We want you to:

–Ask questions

–Give us your comments, ideas, suggestions at all times, STARTING NOW.

Thank you!!!

Mutual Assistance Association for the Ethiopian Community

9858 Plano Rd,

Suite #110,

Dallas, TX 75238

Phone. 214-321-9992