Ethiopia Day

Ethiopia Day 2016

Taste of Ethiopia
Yene Habesha

የኔ ሃበሻ

Ethiopia Day/Taste of Ethiopia 2016

Saturday, September 3 & Sunday, September 4, from Noon – 1 AM

Plano Centre | 2000 East Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074

Heritage and Culture

The Ethiopia Day celebration showcases Ethiopia as a country with a wealth of cultural social environment and an exotic contiguous living system.

Sport Activities

We will have six local soccer teams computing in celebration of the Ethiopia Day. Place of computation and time is to be determined. Stay tuned.

Health Workshops

The Ethiopia Health Professionals Association (EHPA) will participate in providing health education and screening, such as taking blood pressure, and blood sugar.

Community Dental Care, a non-profit partner with Parkland Hospital, the United Way, and Baylor College of Dentistry. Community Dental Care provide free or low cost dental treatment in the Dallas area. They also teach good dental habits to children and adults.

Educational Activities

The Education Committee has a challenge the local Ethiopian kids to write am assay with no more than 5 pages and 500 words.

Submit your essay by August 15, 2016. ​Please email your essay to There will be a cash award.

Talent Show Competition

As we did last year, we are seeking people who have talents including singing, sports, comedy, playing musical instruments, and more. If you have that talent and are interested, please contact our office immediately as we have to select the top three. The deadline for this talent show competition is August 15, 2016


We invite all business owners and representatives to showcase their business services and products at the event. As usual, we look forward to seeing venders to present Ethiopian made apparel products, traditional consumers, souvenirs, music CD’s, DVDs, Children’s books, face painting for kinds, ….

For the vendor registration fees, please refer to the vendor application form.


We will present historical and cultural artifact and pictures to showcase that Ethiopia is a country with a wealth of cultural social environment and exotic contiguous living system.

Food & Music

​There will be Ethiopian dishes freshly prepared, such as the famous Tibs​, as well as pizzas, sandwiches, and snacks.

At the second Annual Taste of Ethiopia event, we will present Ethiopian tradition food and coffee ceremony​ to those with appropriate ticket purchase​. Cultural Ethiopian beverages may be available.

The Ethiopia Day event will include live modern and traditional music by Ethiopian artists and DJs.

Taste of Ethiopia

Once again, we are celebrating Ethiopia Day this year at the Plano Centre. As you may recall, Taste of Ethiopia was introduced three years ago as part of the Ethiopia Day celebration. The objectives of Ethiopia Day are:

  • To enhance the relationship between the Ethiopian community and the various diverse communities in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex.

  • To educate the metroplex communities the rich culture and history of Ethiopia.

  • To expand the goals of the Ethiopian Day annual event by including the DFW diverse communities.

  • Other benefits included helping Ethiopian businesses triumph in business from the exposure they are getting from Taste of Ethiopia.


Our own artist, Abbie Lakew, will highlight the musical entertainment accompanied by the talented Ras Band. Abbie Lakew will entertain the crowd on Sunday, September 4. Artist Mesfin Yetesha is will be back to Dallas to entertain us with his cultural songs on Saturday and Sunday. 

New Ethiopian Wedding Music

Join the entertainment and laughs, brought to you by Kebebew Geda. Kebebew is back for the third time by popular demand. Don't miss out the comedy that you have been waiting for.

Cultural Fashion Show:

We are excited to bring to you a Cultural Fashion Show from the various Ethiopian ethnicities.

Entrance Fees

Ethiopia Day:   $20 for adults, $10 for students, 12 and under free

Taste of Ethiopia:  $25 for adults, $10 for students, 12 and under free (includes food sampling and participating in the Ethiopian Coffee ceremony along with all Ethiopia Day activities). Taste of Ethiopia is planned for non-Ethiopians.

Mutual Assistance Association for the Ethiopian Community

9858 Plano Rd,

Suite #110,

Dallas, TX 75238

Phone. 214-321-9992